1. Members must pay a $10 annual membership fee which is due before the May meeting.  In addition to the annual membership any members who have a garden box must pay a fee of $15 a month during the Garden Season and abide by all rules and guidelines involving having a garden box and the garden Box Wait List.  Any member that maintains good standing and has paid all associated garden fees may retain their garden box the following season by submitting an intent to do so by the end of the Season to the Garden Chair by email.

2. Members must sign up for a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work each garden season during posted open hours before the June meeting.  Volunteer hours involve things such as weeding, watering and maintaining common areas; assisting in running garden events.

3. Members must complete these hours before the end of the season. Attendance at GreenThumb and other workshops and/or picking up of garden supplies and/or work on garden construction projects may be considered against these twenty hours on a case by case basis at the discretion of the committee.

4. Members must attend a minimum of 3 meetings a year.  One of these meetings must be during the winter season while the garden is closed in order for members to have an opportunity to use their advisory garden rights and be involved in the next gardening season's planning and development.  The other two required meetings can be anytime during a one year period at the members own discretion.  The committee encourages members to come to as many meetings as possible to maximize your voice and involvement in garden event planning.

5. Members receiving cash advances for Committee approved purchases must reconcile the advance (with receipt of cash and receipts/invoices) within established timeframes requested by the Treasurer or Chairperson.

6. Members may not store furniture or other objects in common areas.

7. Members sponsoring events in the garden must: turn off all sound systems by appropriate evening time. Not allow more than 30 people in at the event. Clean up after the event, especially garbage and recycling, which must be bagged and either placed on the curb if on the appropriate day (Friday is trash day; Tuesday is recycling pick up day) or placed near the garden entrance in preparation to be placed on the curb on the appropriate day, and assume responsibility for the behavior of all event guests, ensuring that guests follow garden rules. Members may receive warnings for violations of regulations by their guests.

8. Members must have committee approval to (a) bring items into the garden. (b) pull plants, or put plants in common area. If any of the above is violated, the member will receive a warning.

9. Members who sign up for volunteer hours but do not complete or show up to volunteer hours without a reasonable excuse will receive an immediate membership warning. Reasonable excuses are such things as family emergencies, illness, accidents or injuries and whatever else the committee may deem a reasonable excuse. If a member is going to not be able to cover their volunteer hours they must recruit another member or committee member to fill in for their absence as soon as reasonably possible.

10. Members and their guests must follow the following rules regarding personal behavior while in the garden: No use of alcohol or illegal substances. No Smoking cigarettes.  Cigarette smokers must smoke outside the garden gates and properly dispose of cigarette butts instead of throwing them on the ground when finished smoking.  Be courteous and respectful of neighborhood residents. Maintain a family friendly garden environment. No engagement in offensive behavior. Offensive behavior consists of conduct that is disrespectful toward others, and includes acts of discrimination regarding ethnicity, race, gender, class, sexual orientation and physical capacity or mannerisms that reasonably constitute physical, sexual, or verbal harassment or abuse or any form of violence such as hitting or pushing others, throwing things, yelling, using a threatening or demeaning tone, or spitting.

11. Members may not touch or access garden boxes of other Box-holders unless permitted by the Box-holder.

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